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Facial Lifting: Treat Regions

The TrueLift treatment is already a success due to results similar to a facelift without surgery. The equipment uses micro-focused ultrasound technology to act on the superficial musculature, stimulating the production of collagen and the contraction of existing fibers.

The treatment has the ability to induce the actual lifting of the skin, outlining traces, marking the facial contour and giving back to men and women a firm and renewed expression. The lifting and tightening effect of the treated tissue is visible and evident, in addition to the sensation of firmness and tonus that contribute to the appearance.

One of the advantages of TrueLift is the possibility to treat specific regions by means of performing the treatment gradually. This allows the patient to focus on the areas that most require intervention as well as performing the procedures according to availability.

TrueLift can be performed on the entire face or in regions: the eyes, forehead, and lower middle third. Schedule your evaluation: 55 41 3026-1790 or


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