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Facial support for rejuvenation

Fillers and volumizers, such as hyaluronic acid are often used for aesthetic purposes and rejuvenation. Thus far, however, they were limited to filling lips, cheeks and wrinkles, such as the Chinese mustache. Quite often, the result is momentarily satisfactory, but sometimes the patient ends up having his or her facial structure modified in the search for rejuvenation.
“It is common for us to see patients whose face had a certain format and now, after aesthetic procedures, have their cheeks protruding and end up completely changing their appearance. They are not younger, they are unrecognizable, they are someone else”, comments dermatologist Annia Cordeiro, director of the Annia Cordeiro Skin Clinic in Curitiba.

In the opposite direction of this idea, the dermatologist explains that there is a new use for fillers and volumizers: to restructure the skin, offering facial support to fight the signs of aging. “Aging of the face takes place because of flaccidity and the loss of collagen and elastin fibers, as well as the loss of bone and fat, resulting in the reduction of facial volume. The technique is to use hyaluronic acid as a kind of fastener for skin layers, positioning them in the place where they should be, providing support”, explains the expert. The result is that the face “lifts” and returns to having the appearance it had years before the onset of flaccidity.

“The sign of beauty is to keep facial contours and volumes in the right places at the right proportions. To maintain or restore the natural anatomy of the face is the main objective of rejuvenation.”

For this reason, specific points of the face are analyzed and filling is gradually done and carefully calculated. “They are the so-called points of support. Frequently, the patient is bothered by a wrinkle on the corner of the mouth or with the neck and, treating from the side of the face the entire set begins looking different.”

The technique presents immediate results that will continue to be enhanced for a few more weeks. The average duration of results is for a year and a half and treatment can be done from the first signs of aging. “The fewer the signs the better and faster will be results be.”

Lifting Effect
To combine techniques is one of the procedures indicated by Dr. Annia for a more complete result. “With the passing of time, the muscles that pull down become stronger and the muscles that pull up, weaker. It is interesting to use hyaluronic acid to support the weakened muscles by maintaining the support and botulinum toxin to paralyze the lower ones”, she recommends.

The toxin can also be used in the neck and the entire treatment may be combined with techniques that use micro-focused ultrasound and those which stimulate the production of collagen.

“It is important for the patient to remember that having a face without any wrinkles is not a sign of beauty and it is not what will provide a more youthful appearance.
It is important to note outlines, volumes and facial proportions to ensure a natural looking rejuvenation.”

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