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Skin care aging in the Post-60

The senior age is the stage of life known as the golden age. The dermatologist Annia Cordeiro warns that in such given timeframe, the skin needs special attention. “Over the years, the skin lacks collagen, elastin and water. In addition, the cells are disrupted, which causes the loss of skin tonus, triggering that aspect of sagging” she explains.

The sunlight, cigarette and other harmful habits, such as an unbalanced diet, may count on skin aging. After Post-60 aging, in addition to aesthetic features, such potential damage leaves the individual more susceptible to cancer and other skin diseases. “At this given age, the skin has long suffered with bad habits like smoking and excess of sunlight, and any potential damage are prone to accumulate, resulting in low immunity of the skin and then vulnerable to infection”. The recommendation is senior people to search for a dermatologist in order to assess whether there are any risks of developing diseases, and how to prevent or treat if any of the cases.

In view to minimize risks and protect the skin, the recommendation is to moisturize it. “Over the time the sebaceous glands tend to atrophy, producing less fat ratio, once having a former key role in protecting the skin. With the reduction of ceramide produced by the epidermis, the skin gets more fragile. Moisturizing is essential to replace such loss” says the dermatologist.

In addition to moisturizing, another product which should be used on the daily basis is the sunscreen. Even in senior age, it is vital to protect the skin from the sunlight which may incur in sunburn, spots, not to mention evidencing the appearance of skin cancer.

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