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Facial support for rejuvenation

Fillers and volumizers, such as hyaluronic acid are often used for aesthetic purposes and rejuvenation. Thus far, however, they were limited to filling lips, cheeks and wrinkles, such as the Chinese mustache. Quite often, the result is momentarily satisfactory, but sometimes the patient ends up having his or her facial structure modified in the search […]

dermatologista curitiba

How to prevent tear trough?

Wrinkles are aging signs caused by several connected features of age itself. Aside to the loss of collagen – the most notorious one – the skin tends to appear “shriveled and wrinkled” also due to the loss of water and fat. The most frequent area raising the first wrinkles is around the eyes, as to […]

dermatologista curitiba

Sem medo do Botox®

Muita gente ainda não entende como funciona a toxina botulínica e não usufrui dos seus benefícios por receio. Por isso, a dermatologista Annia Cordeiro esclarece algumas dúvidas comuns sobre o tema: Como acontece a atuação do Botox®? Quando inserido, o produto faz com que o músculo não contraia ou apresente menos movimento que o normal, impedindo […]