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Which care must we take in regards to spots on the body?

Skin spots are scientifically known as melanocytic nevi. They are pigmented skin lesions that may appear during any state of life and come in different colors, shapes and sizes, or even feature hairs.

“They appear in any part of the human body due to either lack of solar protection or by genetic factors. People with fair skin or those with a family history of skin cancer are more prone to the emergence”, explains dermatologist Annia Cordeiro.

When these lesions are in places of easy access, they may be removed, if necessary. “Some may turn into skin cancer (melanomas), but early detection greatly increases the chances of cure. However, special attention must be given to all of them”, she emphasizes.

Many people prefer quick and homemade methods for removing spots, but this practice may lead to damages and it is contraindicated. Therefore, dermatologic exams should be performed by specialists annually in order to monitor the emergence and the development of lesions.

The ABC of spots
Have you ever heard about the nevi ABCD? It is a simple way to observe spots. The letters mean “A” for asymmetry, “B” for borders, “C” for color, and “D” for dimension. “Large-sized asymmetric lesions, with irregular borders, may be malignant. If there are changes in the spot’s dimension, shape, or color, a dermatologist should be seen”, she explains.

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