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Are you traveling? Do not forget to pack skin care in your bag

Skin care should be part of the routine throughout the year. During vacation time, however, it must be intensified – but quite a few people “relax” in relation to this commitment. “It is very common for patients to forget to use the products while on vacation or they do not use them periodically as indicated. However, in this period, skin care must be maintained and increased, considering the trips each one will take”, comments dermatologist Annia Cordeiro, director at the Annia Cordeiro Skin Clinic, in Curitiba (PR).

The beach
People who are in places where there is greater exposure to sunlight must be meticulous when it comes to sunscreen – choosing the right product for your skin type and having an adequate option to use on the face. “It is important for the sunscreen to be more resistant to water and one that can be associated to an oral antioxidant, which reduces the harmful effects of the sun on the skin.”

The specialist also recommends the use of light clothes, hats or caps to protect the hair and face, in addition to choosing a beach umbrella made of canvas or dark-colored cotton, which provides an effective protection against the sun. “Don’t forget to take a gentle liquid soap, moisturizer and thermal water to use after the beach.”

Those who are going to enjoy their vacation in countries with harsh winters must take care in regards to skin dryness, which is very common at lower temperatures. “It is critical to use lip guard continuously and apply it before going to bed as the skin regenerates during sleep”, recommends the dermatologist.

It is important to focus on hydration, preferring creamier and more consistent sunscreens, moisturizing soaps, in addition to the creams themselves that should be used after bathing. “In general, in Brazil, sunscreens and moisturizers are lighter, suitable for absorbing oils and moisture. So, look for a more consistent product.”

Dr. Annia also alerts for the care with hygiene products: “use gentle soaps, preferably body moisturizers and something even gentler for the face, do not use cleansing tonics for the body nor scrubs. Avoid very hot baths, sponges and a lot of soap, since these remove the skin’s natural protection layer, leaving it more susceptible to infections and allergies”.

Attention: treatments that should be suspended
There are skin treatments that should be suspended by those either going to the beach or traveling to somewhere with a harsh winter. “Take a break from products containing retinoic acid since it reacts with the sun and the skin tends to burn more easily. Those traveling to cold places should suspend the use of soaps and products containing salicylic acid as they may result in skin dryness,” explains Dr. Annia.

Patients who use isotretinoin orally do not need to suspend the medicine, but need to redouble care in relation to sunscreen, because the skin is also more susceptible to sunburn.

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