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Cellulite is treatable

Cellulite is a problem that affects about 80% of women. It has several causes, including genetics. However, a sedentary lifestyle, poor eating habits, poor blood circulation, and hormonal changes are also the main reasons for its appearance or worsening.

“Cellulite is a change in the subcutaneous cellular tissue, fat located below the skin. There we find fibrous septa, a sort of division or bond that connects the skin to deeper tissues. To maintain the connection, these septa “pull” the skin towards the inside imperceptibly. When there is liquid retention or fat increase, this area increases in volume and these changes become more visible, in the form of small pits or depressions on the skin, characteristic of cellulite”, explains dermatologist Annia Cordeiro, director of the Annia Cordeiro Skin Clinic.

To deal with the problem and soften the signs, one of the options is the treatment that combines massage with state of the art cosmetics – known as Fibrocell Redux. While the manual technique stimulates blood circulation and aids in the movement of fat cells, the creams and lotions enhance the result, acting on the more resistant cells, harmonizing the skin, improving facial contour and promoting the lifting effect.

The treatment can be associated with ultrasound or radiofrequency according to the patient’s needs. The objective is to break fat cells and accelerate the metabolism – which contributes to the reduction of cellulite.

The techniques can be used both on the arms and on the buttocks and legs (anterior and posterior region).  More information at (41) 3026-1790 or

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