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Escape from the color of the summer!

Many people love summer by the possibility of getting tanned. To lie under the sun and wait for the skin to darken, around the pool or on the beach, is customary for many Brazilians. However, tanned skin is synonymous of skin burned by the sun, in other words, damaged by the exposure to the sun and susceptible to premature aging, spots, and even cancer.

“The sun stimulates the production of enzymes that destroy collagen, which accelerates the aging process. Furthermore, the rays also lead to DNA mutation, which can cause skin cancer”, explains Annia Cordeiro, director of the Annia Cordeiro Skin Clinic, dermatology center in Curitiba (PR).

Thus, sunbathing is completely contraindicated, even if wearing sunscreen. It is not possible to get a tan using sunscreen properly. If the skin darkens, it means it has been burned, that is, the protection was not effective, and the person is susceptible to all the risks that sun exposure brings – both now and for the future.

However much our culture values the tan, health must be prioritized. It is not possible to protect the skin from the damage caused by the sun’s rays and, at the same time, get a tan. “Taking into account the risks that the sun poses, my recommendation is for everyone to keep their own skin tone. In addition to premature aging and the risk of skin cancer, sun exposure without protection can cause spots all over the body.”

Then, prioritize your health more than the “color of the summer”. The World Health Organization estimates that in 2030 there will be 27 million new cancer cases. Do not be part of this statistic.

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