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dermatologista curitiba

Care with summer exercises

Skin protection must be a daily habit and this care must be doubled for those who practice physical activities. Dermatologist Annia Cordeiro explains that during physical activity outdoors, such as jogging for example, exposure to sunlight is greater and protection needs to be intensified. When choosing a sunscreen for the practice of sports, the indication […]

dermatologista curitiba

Sunburned skin, what next?

Vacations are not synonymous of negligence or carelessness towards health. However, quite often, while taking advantage of summer at the beach, there are those who overdo it and end up suffering with sunburns. “The lack of protection, the improper use of sunscreen or exposure to solar radiation in times of greater intensity lead to the […]

dermatologista curitiba

Manual do protetor solar

Protetor solar é item indispensável de uso diário! A dermatologista Annia Cordeiro explica como garantir o máximo de proteção com o filtro especialmente no verão. O protetor solar deve ser passado com antecedência e reaplicado ao longo do dia. O filtro deve ser utilizado, no mínimo, 15 minutos antes da exposição solar e deve ser […]